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Flu Season is Here: Flu Vaccination Update For Reno, NV Residents

Flu Vaccination Flu Shot Reno NV

Flu Vaccinations Now Available to Reno, NV Residents. This Flu Season, Protect Yourself From This Serious Illness With a Flu Shot.

Happy fall to all.  Snow already on Mount Rose is perhaps a sign of things to come.  Fall means beautiful colors, cooler weather, cool new outfits and flu.  

Flu season is as follows in Nevada...

H1N1 strain—all year long including summer; other strains may start as early as August and usually done by late May, heaviest months for flu are typically October thru March, but it varies from year to year. 

But is it worth it? Who should have the flu shot?

Now before you make that decision, understand that the Flu is a serious illness and kills about 36,000 yearly in the US. H1N1 is year round.  Other strains are present as well. With this in mind, click here for some basic information about the flu shot and who should, receive it.

Flu Vaccination Update For Reno, NV Residents: If you are looking fro a flu shot, we have all 3 flu vaccination shots in stock—standard dose shot for ages 10-64, intradermal (tiny needle) for those aged 18-64 and high dose shot for the 65 and up crowd.It's that time of year again, and you're seeing signs all over the place encouraging Reno residents to get a flu shot. Since most insurances companies cover this vaccination, you can get a flu shot at our office in Reno, NV. To check coverage or to schedule a flu shot in Reno, NV, call our office at 775.473-0011.

Commonly Asked Questions About The Flu Shot in Reno, NV:

Q. Can I get the flu from a flu shot?
A.  No. The shots do not have living virus and cannot transmit flu.

Q. I’ve got the sniffles; can I still get the flu shot? 
A. Yes, but people with significant infections, like pneumonia or someone with a fever should probably wait until they feel well for a few days before a flu shot.

Q. Do flu shots save lives?

A. Definitely.  Studies show a 48% reduction in all cause mortality (deaths) at 10 months after a flu shot compared to dummy shots.

Q. Flu shots are grown in egg yolks and I don’t like eggs.  Is it safe to get the shot? 
A. Yes.  However, people with severe egg, feather or chicken allergies should not get the flu shot.

Q. Should people with poor immune systems, HIV or on steroids still get the shot? 
A. Yes, it is especially important for them.

Q. I have diabetes and I know I’m supposed to get the flu shot.  Are there other shots currently recommended for diabetics? 
A. Yes, current vaccine recommendations for adult diabetics include hepatitis B series of 3, flu and pneumonia.  Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis)
should be dosed every 10 years.  At age 60 zoster (shingles) is also recommended.

Q. Will I have a co-pay to pay for a flu shot? 
A. This is different and depends on whether you are having a medical visit with the Dr. the same day or just a flu shot.  For most insurance there is one co-pay daily,
so if you have a medical visit co-pay that day there is no second co-pay due.  Some insurances have no co-pay for flu shots even if you get only the shot that day.

Q. I have no insurance, what do you charge for flu shots? 
A. $35 for the standard shot, $45 for the intradermal shot and $55 for the high dose shot.

Q. Does Dr. Van Reken get flu shots? 
A. Yes, but only for the last 39 years in a row.  I seldom miss work.

Q. I had a flu shot this year in April.  Am I OK now? 

A. No.  Flu strains change often and the vaccine is changed every June.  New strains are placed into the shot, but we still have H1N1 which has been the same for a few years now.  You are only partly protected.  Get a shot now and preferably each fall.

Schedule Your Flu Shot Appointment Today...
To schedule your flu vaccination, contact our office using our online scheduler or give us a call at 775.473-0011.

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