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Get Ageless Eyes Without Surgery...

Fractional CO2 Laser Eyelid Lift also know as the Madonna Eyelid Lift

Fractional CO2 Laser Eyelid Lift, also known as The Madonna Lift, Can Now Give You Ageless Eyes Without Surgery!

With the holiday season rapidly approaching; are you ready for those close-up shots? If not, the non-surgical, Fractional CO2 Laser Eyelid Lift Procedure (a.k.a The Madonna Lift) can make even the most tired looking eyes look younger in no time!

To learn more about this breakthrough in non-surgical cosmetic medicine, keep reading now or  if you'd like to schedule a FREE Fractional CO2 Laser Eyelid Lift Consultation, with Dr. Van Reken at the Reno Sparks Medspa call our office at 775.473.0011.

For years baby boomers have wanted to look younger. The eyes show our age early. People sell "miracle creams" for wrinkles and eyelid lines, but most of these are ineffective.

So what are you're options?

A blepharoplasty is a plastic surgical procedure that works well, but often involves general anesthesia. It is commonly called an eye lift. A full upper and lower blepharoplasty produces good cosmetic results. A typical price for this is about $4,000-8,000. Until recently surgery was pretty much all we had to offer for aging eye lines, dark circles and baggy eyelids.

Until now that is...

Laser Eyelid Lift: Fractionated Laser Technology Is a Great New Tool to Tighten Eyes and Eyelids Without Surgery!

That's right. The new fractionated laser technology can tighten eyes and eyelids without the risk or expense of surgery. This has been found to be most effective when done at low level laser energies and repeated about 3 times at intervals of a month or more. Eyelid and orbital skin is very thin and requires gentle laser work, much gentler than on the rest of the face. This new procedure has been called the "Madonna Lift". During the procedure we place numbing cream on the eyelid, orbital skin and on the eyeball. We place a protective metal cup which we place directly on the eyeball. You close your lids around it. We actually treat the eyelids directly, pointing the laser at the protective eye cup.

Recovery is rapid: 2-6 days of downtime is typical, 2-4 days for a mild treatment, up to 6 for a moderately aggressive treatment.

Laser Treatment for Crow's Feet:

Crow's feet are the lines at the outside edges of the eyes that wrinkle more when we smile. Technically, treatment of crow's feet with laser is a separate procedure not included in a Madonna Lift. However, we want our clients to get their money's worth! We throw in crow's feet treatment at no charge with each Madonna Lift.

The following graph compares the Smart Skin CO2 Madonna Lift to the Surgical Eye Lift or Blepharoplasty.

Call 1-775-473-0011 To Schedule a FREE Laser Skin Consultation:

If you're bothered by facial or eye wrinkles, eyelid sagging, hooding of upper eyelid skin limiting upward vision, sun damage, dark circles around the eyes or considering a cosmetic eye surgical procedure give our office a call at 1-775-473-0011 to schedule a FREE Laser Skin Consultation today! We also offer treatments for sun damage skin, deep facial wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, pigmented changes (melasma) caused by over exposure to the sun or other signs of skin aging.

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