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Medical Massage Therapy Now Offered at Reno Sparks MedSpa

Hot_Stone_Massage_now_offered_at_Reno_Sparks_MedSpaMedical Massage Therapy Available At Our MedSpa in Reno, NV:
Relief From Those Everyday Aches & Pains Is Just a Few Blocks Away.

Sitting at a desk or standing all day can be hard on the muscles not to mention the joints. Relaxing can be a real chore when your body is tied up in knots from remaining in one fixed position for most of the day.

It seems that by the time we fall into bed at night, our bodies are screaming for relief. Pain can put a halt to a good night’s sleep and even upgrading your mattress and/or your pillows does not quite solve the problem. Seems that no matter what you do, those muscles just won’t cooperate with you. If this sounds like you, it is time to visit the Reno Sparks MedSpa for medical massage therapy... relief is just a few blocks away.

That's right, massage therapy is now available on site so why not spoil yourself and a friend too!

We now offer the following massage services:

Swedish Massage -  A Swedish massage is the treatment most people get at the spa.  It is a classic massage technique that uses kneading (like dough), rubbing technique uses the palms and fingertips, chopping motions and sometimes vibrations (bowls and balls) to relax the body and work out the tension. It is easy on the body and should not hurt at all. Oils are used to help the massage therapist work their techniques better. The Swedish massage is one of the most relaxing and mild massages you can have, so enjoy the experience. You might even have music playing in the background to further relax as you return to your former pre-stressed self.

For your first massage, try a Swedish massage. It is an excellent way to curb stress reactions in your body and spend a free afternoon.

Hot Stone Massage - Hot stone massage therapy makes use of basalt stones. These stones are known to hold heat for long periods of time which works perfectly for an effective massage. Once the hot stones have had time to share their warmth, the massage therapist uses essential oils to help the stones glide across your skin as they knead the muscles. The direction of their kneading and gentle pressure moves toxins out of the organs and tissues. Circulation is also greatly increased throughout the body as well. During this type of massage, the hands are also used to complete the massage. Hot stone massage therapy alleviates several conditions in the body. As you might have guessed, it helps arthritis sufferers and those who are being burdened by stress in their body. It even works for people suffering from Fibromyalgia and Back Pain and depression.   A hot stone massage is not a rushed affair. You get to enjoy 90 minutes of warm relaxing heat therapy all over your body. Make sure you can devote the time to such a luxury because you won’t want to be interrupted.

Prenatal Massage - Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life. Another life is growing inside of you. What a wonderful miracle!  But, before that bundle of joy appears, you have nine months of varying degrees of discomfort to go through. Even if you had perfect posture before, just the fact that you are carrying around a living, moving, kicking baby inside will make it hard to sit or stand for long periods of time. As the weight of the baby shifts during pregnancy, pressure is put on your lower back which often results in back and leg pain. Routine prenatal massages can ease your back pain and help keep blood flowing to your lower extremities which will reduce the cramping feeling.

Deep Tissue Massage - A deep tissue massage works well for people who suffer with chronic pain as a result of their jobs. It seems to go away for a while but comes right back. Places of recurrent muscle pain are mostly the neck and shoulders and the lower back. If you have these types of symptoms or chronic pain, a deep tissue massage is in the cards for you. If pain has got you down or stress is tying you up in knots, try a deep tissue massage to work out the pain and knead in the comfort.

Current massage hours are noon to 8 PM Thursdays and 9-2 some Saturdays. We will expand hours as needed.

If you've never had a massage with us, we'll give you the introductory price of $39 for a full hour Swedish massage, $29 for a 1/2 hour massage. Be sure to visit our website for our other monthly specials available this month only.

To schedule an appointment, you can contact our office using our online appointment scheduler or give our office a call at 866.648.654.

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