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Facelift Without Surgery:

CO2 SmartSkin Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing Technology can help you look younger longer without the risk or expense of surgery:

CO2 lasers are not new, but the microablative technology we now use is revolutionary and makes these lasers more useful. We've known for years that CO2 laser treatments are extremely effective for wrinkles, but our new SmartSkin CO2 fractional laser allows us to treat clients safely without general anesthesia using a quick, affordable, office procedure. Wrinkle reduction is great with less down time compared to the older ablative technique. It is now possible to treat many areas besides the face--necks, décolleté, hands, eyes, upper arms, loose abdominal skin and even saggy genital skin. For a comparsion between a surgical facelift and our laser facelift procedure visit our Laser Facelift Review page.

Most lasers treat a continuous area of skin without intentionally skipping areas. All cells in the treatment area receive laser light and heat up. Usually there are skin areas that are damaged and reddish or brownish in color. Thses areas with extra pigment and extra reddish color that will selectively absorb more light. These darker areas or blood vessel areas are selectively heated until some of these diseased and/or discolored areas cells die. The end result is improvement in health and appearance by removing dark or discolored cells, such as sun damaged areas or melasma. This is how our Vbeam pulsed dye laser and our IPL (intense pulsed light) machines work. 

Microablative lasers (also called fractional or fractionated lasers) like our Cynosure CO2 SmartSkin laser work quite differently. There are intentional skip areas where laser light is not directed. In addition, high laser energies are directed toward certain areas which are quite small, often about 0.4 mm wide (about 1/50th of an inch). Tiny microcolumns are created in the skin where skin tissue is vaporized. This allows laser energy to penetrate more deeply than with most lasers. It also produces lateral heating of nearby tissue to a greater degree than with most lasers. Areas not receiving direct light are called skip areas. Skip areas are not destroyed so the majority of the skin surface remains intact. This dramatically reduces healing times and means there is much less down time compared to standard CO2 ablative lasers. In addition, infection is much less common than with older ablative laser techniques.

The majority of skin tightening occurs as the months pass. The heated, but still living, tissue is stimulated to form new collagen, producing dramatic skin tightening. This occurs mostly 1-9 months after treatment. 

To visualize the technique think of aerating your lawn with the plugs of sod removed. This is very much what this laser does. Imagine that your lawn aerator could create deep or shallow plugs, group these plugs into various shapes, and even move the plugs closer together or farther apart on the lawn with the push of a button. Our SmartSkin CO2 fractional laser is this amazing.

What Problems Does the CO2 Microablative Laser Treat?

Acne and Acne Scars
• Brown Spots & Sun Damage
• Large Pores
Moles (flat and raised types)
Melasma (superficial)
Roughly Textured Skin
Saggy Skin, including around the eyes
Scarring including postoperative scars, laceration scars and acne scars
Skin Cancer and Actinic Keratoses (Precancers)
• Sun Damage

Sebhorrheic keratoses
• Syringomas (if small)

Nevi (moles)
• Wrinkles both fine and deep

Laser Eyelid Lift & Skin Resurfacing Treatments:

For years baby boomers have wanted to look younger. Our eyes show our age. Many sell "miracle creams" for everything from the treatment for sun damage skin and melasma to deep facial wrinkles and eyelid lines, but results are often poor. Even the best creams can't compare to surgery. A blepharoplasty is plastic surgery that works well, but often involves general anesthesia. It is commonly called an eye lift or eyelid lift. A full upper and lower blepharoplasty often produces good cosmetic results. The typical price for this is procedure is about $4000-8000 or higher! Complications sometimes occur.

Until recently this was about all we had to offer for aging eye lines, dark circles and baggy eyelids. Fortunately, fractionated laser technology is a great new tool to tighten eyes and eyelids at a fraction of the cost of surgery! This new procedure has been called a Laser Eyelid Lift or the "Madonna Lift". During the procedure we place numbing cream on the eyelid, orbital skin and on the eyeball. We place a protective metal shield directly on the eyeball. You close your lids around it. We actually treat the upper eyelids directly, pointing the laser at the protective eye shield.

Laser Eye or Eyelid Lift (Madonna Lift) Has Quick Recovery:
Laser eye or eyelid lifts have been found to be effective when done at low laser energies and repeated about 3 times at intervals of a month or more. Eyelid and orbital skin is thin and requires gentle laser work. The typical downtown after this procedure is 2-6 days and is only 2-4 days for a mild treatment. A side benefit is that the dark circles around the eyes improve.

Laser Treatment for Crow's Feet

Crow's feet are the lines at the outside edges of the eyes that wrinkle more when we smile. Technically, treatment of crow's feet with laser is a separate procedure that is not included in a Madonna Lift. However, we want our clients to get their money's worth! We throw in crow's feet treatment at no charge with each Madonna Lift series. The following graph compares the Smart Skin C02 Madonna Lift to the Surgical Eye Lift or blepharoplasty. Take a look and see which procedure suits your eyes the best.

Call 1-866-470-5363 To Schedule a FREE Laser Skin Consultation:

If you're bothered by facial or eye wrinkles, eyelid sagging, hooding of upper eyelid skin limiting upward vision, sun damage, dark circles around the eyes or considering a cosmetic eye surgical procedure give our office a call at at 1-866-470-5363 to schedule a FREE Laser Skin Consultation today! We also offer treatments for sun damage skin, deep facial wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, pigmented changes (melasma) caused by over exposure to the sun or other signs of skin aging.

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