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Acne Scar Reduction Step 3:  Scar Reduction

Removing scar is often difficult.  Minor, moderate and more severe scarring often require different approaches. Also, the same patient can have variable depth scars in different areas.

Shallow defects improve with gentle therapies such as medical grade Microdermabrasions that do not even break the skin. Chemical Peels also can help.

Hard scars of any size soften and improve with laser scar therapy. Most acne scars we treat here at Reno Sparks MedSpa are of moderate severity and are treated with a radiofrequency grid treatment called Matrix RF. This new therapy tightens skin, decreases wrinkles and improves scar.  For good effect a series of about 3 or 4 treatments is usually required.

Radiofrequency also decreases active acne lesions.

In more severe scarring cases we sometimes use radiofrequency surgery on the face where high spots are smoothed off with radio waves. This requires local anesthesia and the treated area looks like a road rash for a while. Deep, scars with a narrow opening from acne are called ice pick scars. They respond often to 70% TCA given locally into the scar with a toothpick. Chemical peels are helpful for these types of scars, but generally stronger medical grade peels are needed and a series of peels may be required.

Very deep scars may require other surgical techniques including dermabrasion, punch grafts, fractionated laser therapy and other techniques.

Insurance will generally cover acne medical visits and acne prescription medications. However, they almost never pay for light therapies, laser therapy, over the counter acne products, scar reduction therapy and so forth.

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