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Enjoy Sexy, Smooth, Vein-Free Legs

enjoy sexy smooth, vein free legs Reno Sparks MedSpaNon-Surgical Spider and Varicose Vein Treatments:

Varicose and Spider Veins can occur in anyone. They are not usually dangerous, but can be embarrassing or even painful as is often the case with varicose veins. 

While there are many surgical procedures available to help remove them, thanks to the latest advances in non-surgical vein treatments such as Sclerotherapy and Laser Vein Removal, in many cases such drastic measures are now no longer necessary!

Spider Veins: Spider veins often occur in the legs, feet and ankles and are usually more plentiful than varicose veins. They occur in smaller branches off of larger veins and appear as a web or a sunburst design and are mostly bluish, purple or red. Spider veins usually do not cause pain and are mostly cosmetic. These veins can be seen through the skin but are not palpable like varicose veins. Although spider veins may occur in men, they are more common in women.

Varicose Veins: Varicosities often occur in the larger veins. When the blood does not circulate as it should it can pool and form bulges. The first sign you have a varicose vein is that you can feel it through the skin. They may be accompanied by cramping, itching, swelling and aching pain. Weakened venous valves lead to venous engorgement, blood pooling and decreased blood flow, which predisposes to swelling and blood clots (superficial venous thrombosis), which can be unsightly and painful.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options for Spider and Varicose Veins:

There are simple office procedures that can help you get sexy, vein-free legs without the risk, down time and expense of surgery. However, if you have significant pain, blood clots, inflammation and/or chronic swelling you can often get your insurance company to pay for more extensive procedures like endovascular laser vein ablation, also called endovenous laser ablation, which is offered at our office. This popular treatment is nicely demonstrated in our video with incredible improvement in the before and after pictures in just 18 days. The pictures are also available in the photo section under gallery. This is more expensive than sclerotherapy and takes more time and equipment. Below is a video which explains more about this procedure:

Endovenous Laser Ablation (destruction of large varicose veins of the legs):

 In cases where there is no insurance coverage, we offer affordable ways to help get rid of unwanted leg veins. Those who need more extensive procedures often benefit even more with varicose vein injection (sclerotherapy) at the time of, or shortly after, destruction of the large varicose veins. 

Laser treatments – These are done in our office and are relatively quick, taking about 15-30 minutes per session. Precise laser energy is applied to the veins through the skin to destroy them. Laser treated veins will shrink and disappear.  With smaller veins sometimes a few treatments are sufficient to make them invisible, but larger veins require more.  Because of this we usually limit laser treatment to veins of 1.2 mm in diameter or less.

Wear compression sleeves – If you have circulation problems such as varicose veins and must stand for prolonged periods, compression sleeves can keep blood moving in the right direction. Be sure to put on your sleeves or compression hose while you are still in bed for best results.

Sclerotherapy – For small to moderate sized veins (up to 4 mm in diameter) we can inject a sclerosing solution (polidocanol) into them which will encourage them to shrink and close properly. This is done using a special vein light which makes this procedure more successful. This is usually successful, but for very large veins or rapidly recurring varicose veins due to blood pooling, surgery or other invasive vein procedures may be needed.

An average patient will get the following results a few months after leg vein or spider vein sclerotherapy:

· 1 treatment: 40% improvement.
· 2 treatments: 60% improvement.
· 3 treatments: 80% or more improvement.

A sclerotherapy procedure is demonstrated on our video entitled sclerotherapy varicose vein injections for leg veins and results are good. 
During your first visit at our office, Dr. Van Reken will perform an examination and diagnostic testing to determine which treatment is best for you.

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