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Are you embarrassed by your acne or acne scars? Do you feel self-conscious when people stare and wonder if they are looking at you or your skin? Maybe you've already tried acne solution products such as skin cleansers, facial creams and prescription medications, but your acne and acne scarring persists. Well, if this sounds like you, don’t feel alone! In fact, about 90% of adolescents and 25% of adults share these same frustrations at some point, making acne one of the most widespread medical problems.

Fortunately, our comprehensive teen and adult acne treatment programs combines the latest in acne treatment protocols with acne scar removal techniques and the best acne products to give you clearer looking skin at any age. Put an end to your frustration and wake up with the confidence that comes with clearer skin. We’ll also teach you how to maintain clearer skin.

We have a range of therapies from low priced cosmeceutical acne remedies, often effective as stand-alone therapies for mild acne vulgaris, to the addition of more aggressive treatment regimens for tougher cases. More aggressive regimens may include prescription drugs, radiofrequency therapy, photodynamic therapy and scar resurfacing - scar removal.

These include laser therapy for color correction, lasers for textural roughness. Ice pick acne scars can usually be greatly improved with TCA CROSS therapy. Acne subcision surgery (not covered by insurance) is usually helpful for broader atrophic scars (recessed below the level of the surrounding skin). Patients with severe scarring are often treated with a combination of laser therapy (including the PicoSure laser and the Vbeam pulsed dye laser),eMatrix radiofrequency, TCA CROSS and/or subcision surgery. Most of these treatments are suitable for any color or type of skin.

We can’t always promise a totally clear face, but almost all patients can be dramatically improved if they follow our program.
Contact us and start your acne program today.

Medical Acne Correction Program:


DoctorPatientAcne Skin Assessment & Treatment Plan:
Beginning with a complete skin assessment, your acne severity will be addressed in writing with pretreatment acne photos also taken to help us track your progress. A treatment plan containing your personalized acne correction program specific to your skin’s needs will be developed.  Health insurance may cover acne visits.Read more...

Step 1: Cleanse and Exfoliate
During this phase of treatment your skin is cleaned and exfoliated using procedures, physician grade skin care products and/or prescription medication.  Clogged pores cause acne and these treatments unclog pores.  Health insurance may cover some of these costs, especially the medications.

Step 2: Control Oil Production
During this step laser and light-based therapies are often used to decrease sebum (oil) production and inflammation. This often includes photodynamic therapy with levulinic acid and the Vbeam® Perfecta pulsed dye laser or another light to activate the levulinic acid. This will damage or kill the overactive oil glands that cause acne.  Health insurance usually will not cover this procedure. However, prescription medications often reduce oil production and inflammation, and are usually covered.

Scar Reduction
Step 3: Scar Reduction
While not everyone who has acne develops scars, many do.  Dr. Van Reken will create an acne scar reduction program that's right for you.  Different programs are chosen based on scar depth, skin color, finances and your own preferences.  Pigmented or colored scars may benefit from laser therapy to lighten them or get the pink color out.


pca skin acne products
Acne-Free Skin Maintenance Plan:
Since acne is a recurring problem, a maintenance plan will be designed to help keep acne blemishes away. This plan will include periodic follow up visits as well asa home care regimen including physician-grade skin care products, prescription drugs and/or acne reduction procedures. Read more...

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