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How Does the PicoSure Laser Skin Rejuvenation System Work for Skin Tightening, Wrinkles and Brown Spots?

The Cynosure PicoSure Laser Skin Rejuvenation System utilizes multiple laser wavelengths and technologies. Some of these wavelengths are used for skin tightening, some for tattoo removal, and some for pigmented lesion removal. 

For skin rejuvenation (wrinkles or tightening) and most pigmented lesion removal (brown spots) the 755 nm laser head with or without the Picosure Laser Focus Lens Array (Focus) is the most useful. This picosecond laser has non¬fractional and semifractional capabilities. A Focus treatment is a semifractional treatment using a diffractive lens array (DLA). With this particular system, the area of high intensity laser energy get heavily treated, but with each laser pulse only about 10% of the skin in the treatment field gets high laser energy pulses. Nearby areas receive a much lower laser energy, minimizing heat and tissue damage. This is a bit like the fractional technology used in most carbon dioxide lasers, like our Cynosure SmartSkin, our CO2RE skin laser and CO2RE Intima laser. 

Picosure for Skin Tightening and Wrinkles: The Science Explained...  

The PicoSure produces Skin Cell Activation, which is a term relating to the skin cells talking to each other. Basically, certain proteins are released by the Focus laser treatment and then nearby cells detect this and are stimulated to produced more elastin and collagen. These are skin tightening chemicals. The net result is tighter, younger looking skin with less wrinkles. However, unlike Botox and fillers, there are benefits with color correction as well. Specifically, dyschromia (light and dark color variation such as that seen with sun damage) is improved with each Focus treatment. This is because the 755 nm wavelength used in the PicoSure is outstanding at smoothing out dark and light color variations. In addition, other causes of dyschromia, such as melasma, acne scarring and postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, are nicely improved with each PicoSure treatment. 

Picosecond technology uses “PressureWave” technology with a photomechanical or photoacoustic impact, shattering a few cells and releasing their dark pigment. Think of having a house with lots of poisonous gas trapped inside it with the windows all closed. No one is inside. You want the gas out. Would you rather have a jet fly just above the house, shattering its windows, or burn the house down? The PressureWave is shattering the cell walls, instead of just heating them—it is essentially a sonic boom inside the skin. The result, less pain for a given amount of skin rejuvenation, less risk of burns and faster pigment clearance if there are brown spots. What’s the down side? The PicoSure laser is much more expensive than the older machines so the per treatment cost is higher than a treatment with IPL, BBL and most lasers. There is still heat produced with the PicoSure, but the heat effects are much reduced compared to lasers and other lights using older technology. The laser treatment process with skin rejuvenation is a painting type of procedure. The area being treated is placed on a frequent pulsation setting and the technician moves the laser head rapidly over the area, much like the brush strokes when you are painting a wall. After a certain number of pulses the procedure is moved to another site to be treated until all areas are completed. 

The Difference Between Picosure Laser and SmartSkin CO2 Laser...

Cynosure was the first to produce this technology (so called Picosecond Technology) when they developed the PicoSure. How does picosecond technology work and why are picosecond technologies such an advance in laser technology? Most lasers literally cook cells with pigment in them, or even cells without much pigment, and some cells die, releasing the pigment. They are basically producing local heating in various skin areas. This hurts and results in mild burns, at least at the microscopic level. While the treatment site heals, there is a low risk of infection and moderate pain. In the case of a CO2 laser treatment the pain is moderate to severe (so we numb clients up before CO2 treatment). All fractionated lasers have some treated areas and some nontreated areas, very much like when your lawn is treated with an aeration tool. Focus treatments are similar.  Your face takes much less time to recover from treatment when only some areas are heavily treated and others are very lightly treated with the laser.  As such, the down time is often just 3-6 hours of redness.  You can work or go out on the town without any problem the next day.  CO2 lasers, although very effective, have much more down time and can usually only be safely done on lighter skin, such as Caucasian skin.  The FocusTM treatments, however, can be done on any skin type--White, Latino, Asian, African, Native American, Pacific Islander, etc.  As I mentioned earlier, CO2 laser treatments are much more painful than our PicoSure Focus treatments.
Pricing and Financing Options: 

There are two ways to price a series of treatments, a fee for a package of a certain number of treatments or a per treatment fee. Although the global up-front fee is cheaper, some people prefer to pay as you go. Financing treatments through credit cards or Care Credit is an option. At Reno Sparks Medspa we accept checks, cash, credit cards and Care Credit.

To learn more, call our office at 775-473-0011 and schedule a FREE Laser Skin Consultation with Dr. Van Reken. 

To schedule a Free Picosure Laser Skin Consultation, with Dr. Calvin Van Reken at the Reno Sparks MedSpa, call 775 473-0011 or visit the contact us page.

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