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Common Questions about Laser Skin Tightening:

Look 10 years younger with Photofacial Skin Rejuvenation Why the CO2 Laser?

Whether you are looking to refresh your look or appear years younger…there are a lot of reasons why you should consider Laser Skin Tightening with the Cynosure SmartSkin Micro Ablative Laser over face lift surgery.

Keep reading as we answer some common questions we get about this unique non-surgical, skin tightening procedure and how it can help subtract 10 years from the way you look in a just a matter of a few short weeks. All this with a minimum downtime and a price that's 8x less than  face lift surgery.

Younger looking skin is just a few weeks away. Call 1-866 470-5363 to get started today.

Q: How long will it take to recover from treatment?

A: Usually 3-7 days. This is an aggressive treatment and most patients will experience redness, oozing and mild swelling following the procedure. Following this there may be pink discoloration in the treated areas for a few weeks.

Q: What is the most common reason clients get fractional CO2 laser resurfacing?

A: To markedly reduce wrinkles while improving sun damage as a side benefit.

Q: Is there pain after the procedure, in the next week?

A: Generally none.

Q: What kind of improvement will occur and when?

A: Surface skin changes occur rapidly. Skin will be tighter, smoother and firmer within a month. Sun damaged areas will have more even color quickly. However, tightening will continue to improve over a period of about 9 months as new collagen forms.

Q: How long does the skin tightening last?

A: Most experts feel the tightening is permanent due to the collagen remodeling that occurs.

Q: How much younger will I look?

A: This is different for each client. A typical result is an 8-10 year reduction in age appearance when laser treatment on the face is done on a highly effective setting so that a 55 year old may look 46 after treatment and healing is complete. Milder treatments can be done, but are not as effective. Healing is fastest, however, with milder treatments. Nonsmokers get slightly better results with this than smokers, which is also true of other laser therapies.

Q: I have a fresh tan on my face. Is this a good time to get CO2 laser treatment?

A: No. We should treat areas without recent sun exposure only.

Q: I am originally from Mexico, but I'm pretty light-skinned. Is this laser still safe for me?

A:Maybe. For skin of a typical Latino patient we'll do a test spot. The major concern with darker skin is that the laser can produce dark spots after healing. We must confirm this is not occurring before treatment is offered. East Indians and African-Americans are often better served by other laser or other procedures, like our Matrix-RF skin tightening.

Q: I have acne cysts and scars with a lot of red pimples. Can I be helped by this laser?

A: Absolutely, but first we should calm down your active, reddened pimples. Once this is done your scars can be markedly reduced by this laser.

Q: My friend had Fraxel laser treatments, but she needed 3 or 4 in a series. Is this Fraxel?

A: This is quite similar. Fraxel is a brand name, like Chevrolet. Fraxel technology is fractionated laser beams with treatment areas and skip areas. True Fraxel brand name lasers come in various wavelengths. They have 3 types of lasers. Most Fraxel machines require multiple treatments. They do have a CO2 laser as well which is similar to the SmartSkin.

Q: My sister had a Cynosure laser treatment a few years ago called Affirm. Is it the same?

A: Yes, the Cynosure company changed the model name to SmartSkin.

Q: I have loose skin around my face, neck & abdomen due to a gastric bypass. Will this help?

A: Yes, dramatically. It will often be all one needs on the first two areas. The abdomen sometimes needs surgical help as well, but this depends on the client's particular situation.

Q: I had liposuction on my abdomen and the skin is still saggy. Will laser treatments help me?

A: Yes.

Q: What are the 2 basic reasons people get laser skin resurfacing done?

A: The first is to look and feel better. Women seem more interested in looking good than me, but men are increasingly wanting to look better. The second reason is to increase income. We know from studies that if you look better you will in general make more money. Many jobs, including public service jobs like waitressing, are preferentially offered to those who look healthier, younger and/or more attractive. We also know that those who are considered more attractive are more likely to get promoted. In sales professions, such as real estate, physical attractiveness boosts sales. The bottom line is that even if you just want to look better sometimes these procedures pay for themselves with increased income. Many baby boomers are single or divorced and looking for quality partners. Being more attractive gives one a larger pool of potential partners to choose from. Finding a good partner is not as easy as when you were 21!

Q: I've been considering a facelift, how is the  CO2 laser treatment different?

A: To help explain the differnce between a surgical facelift and a Laser Facelift, I have created a comparative table on the next page. In this table you will note many differences. For wrinkles alone facelifts are slightly more effective. However, many skin benefits of this laser therapy (such as sun damage removal or scar reduction) are not helped at all by a by a facelift.


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