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Moles are common and many patients ask for removal, especially for facial moles. It is important that the doctor be experienced at looking at skin so he can decide which moles need a biopsy. Many mole removal techniques are possible. Very low rates of scarring and nice cosmetic results are usually achievable with radiofrequency mole removal, which involves no scalpel and no stitches. If pigment is present in the mole, it may be present at the base of the mole, after removal. This may require laser therapy to lighten up the mole removal site. In this video, a beautiful woman has a small, raised, pigmented, forehead mole removed using the Ellman Surgitron radiofrequency machine by Dr. Van Reken. After removal, the pigment is mostly gone, and the mole is flat. PicoSure laser therapy for lightening was advised. Even without laser therapy the mole looks much better. When a mole is the same color as the surrounding skin, laser is unnecessary. Stitches are not required with radiofrequency mole removal and healing is rapid. Cosmetic results are typically good.
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